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Soundproofing Panels | Soundproof Panel

Soundproof your walls using thin wall soundproofing panels and increase noise reduction through walls including, TV noise, conversation and music. Ensure your party wall out performs current Building Regulation standards for sound insulation transferring between properties, use the NSSW2+ soundproof panel to insulate party walls. Quick and easy to install, our most popular domestic soundproofing panel will increase the sound insulation of your walls with a minimal amount of loss to your living space.

Wall soundproofing less than 50mm including plastering

Thinnest wall soundproofing bannerWall soundproofing solution you can use in any room to increase the sound insulation of your walls, soundproof a room with less than 50mm loss of living space. Bond the panels directly to the wall, plaster, decorate, finish. Anybody can use these panels, in any room in your house that requires soundproofing. If you can not afford to lose valuable living space in your home, but need to increase the acoustic insulation of your walls use these panels that have soundproofed homes and businesses across the UK.

Why Choose the NSSW2+ Wall Soundproofing Board

The NSSW2+ Wall panel has been used to soundproof walls in homes throughout the UK to combat the issue of noise between properties. Soundproof any wall in your home with this thin wall soundproofing panel to reduce noise from noisy neighbours or sound transferring between rooms in your own home through the walls.

  • Reduce airborne sound
  • Performance on a party wall 58dB
  • Thin wall solution less than 50mm space loss in total
  • Part E wall soundproofing panel
  • Easy installation
  • Requires no additional plasterboard
  • DIY soundproofing solution
  • Soundproof an average sized wall for under £500

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There are a number of solutions available to soundproof your wall, all offering different levels of soundproofing, some even claiming to eradicate noise completely (be very wary of such claims, it would be impossible to suggest 100% of sound could be stopped). Soundproofing wall solutions that build false walls work very well at reducing sound, especially for high levels of sound. The negative point to this type of soundproofing is the space loss to the room which can vary between 100mm-150mm. If you are trying to stop the sound of your neighbours TV or the sound of conversation coming through the wall then you use the thin NSSW2+ Wall panel.

NSSW2+ Wall Soundproofing Board

NSSW2+ wall soundproofing panelNSSW2+ wall soundproofing panel


The NSSW2+ Wall board can be installed on to any type of domestic wall. Soundproof any wall with only three products and reduce noise from noisy neighbours, TV noise, conversation and other airborne sounds.

  1. NSSW2+
  2. Dry Wall Adhesive
  3. Acoustic Sealant

Remove skirting boards, coving and any electrical points from the wall. Mix the adhesive to form a paste, apply the adhesive to the board and stick the boards to the wall. If you need to cut the boards use either a hand saw or circular saw. Ensure that you seal the edges of the boards with acoustic sealant as you install them. Completely install the first row of boards before you start the next row, continue up the wall until completed. Seal around the perimeter of the new wall with the acoustic sealant to finish. Once the adhesive has fully cured the wall can be plastered and brought up to a decorative standard. For more information on how to install these panels, click here.

How Does It Work

The NSSW2+ Wall Board comprises of two layers of acoustic plasterboard which sandwich a layer of 5mm high density mass loaded vinyl. The combination of these materials is dense enough to significantly reduce the passage of airborne sound through the walls structure. The rubber centre to the board reduces the sound waves vibrating through the plasterboard which would happen to the plasterboard without the rubber. Reducing the vibration reduces the sound transmitting through the air meaning less noise coming into the room. Each board weighs in excess of 45kg so the additional mass added to the wall increases the density which also reduces the airborne sound.

If you would like any more on information on these thin wall soundproofing panels please contact us or give us a call 08451 306269.

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