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Party Wall Soundproofing System 1

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Wall soundproofing solution for noisy neighbours, soundproof a party wall or stud walls to stop high noise levels transferring between rooms using Wall System 1

Homeowners that are looking for a complete solution to the increasing problem of neighbour noise will find that Wall System1 will soundproof walls to stop domestic sounds generated by noisy neighbours coming through party walls. This wall soundproofing system will offer the highest level of noise reduction of all our wall soundproofing solutions, the combination of products supplied with this system increase the mass of the wall area and create separation which is the two key factors when soundproofing walls.

The products supplied in Wall System 1 should be installed as part of a new wall constructed of timber or metal studs, normal construction methods should be used to erect the wall. Try to avoid fixing into the existing wall with nails or screws as sound can transfer along the fixings. If you can leave a 25mm air gap between the two walls this will increase the sound insulation of the system as no part of the wall will be touching the existing, reducing sound transmission through a de-coupling effect.

Wall System 1 consists of a 50mm100kg/m³ DFM acoustic insulation slab 1200mm x 600mm, the high density of this slab means they are far superior at blocking and absorbing sound than standard thermal insulations which is often confused with acoustic insulation.

The soundbreaker bars supplied with this system isolate the stud work from the final layer of acoustic panels, reducing the sound vibration through the structure by reducing surface area contact and there unique design.

The new wall is finished with the 18mm acoustic wall panels NSSW1+, these boards consist of a 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard bonded to a layer of 5mm high density rubber barrier, the acoustic plasterboard is better performing than standard plasterboard, when combined with the rubber it stops the board from vibrating as well as increasing its mass, making it superior to untreated plasterboards which would vibrate causing the sound to transmit into the room.

Tubes of acoustic sealant are also supplied and should be used to seal around the edges and perimeter of the new wall. No additional plasterboard is required once finished it is ready to plaster skim or decorate to complete the installation.


Wall System 1 can be installed against any wall to significantly improve the sound reduction of any wall. Using timber or metal studs erect a new stud wall, for better levels of soundproofing a 25mm gap should be left between the two walls, fix the new wall to the floor, ceiling and return walls. Once erected the wall is filled with the DFM acoustic insulation and soundbreaker bars are fixed to the face of the studs, the thin wall soundproof panel NSSW1+ can be screwed onto the bars and the wall should be sealed with the acoustic sealant. For more information on installation, click here.

Product Information

  • System Thickness 85mm (includes)
    • 50mm 100kg/m³ DFM acoustic insulation
    • Soundbreaker Bars
    • NSSW1+ panel
    • Acoustic sealant
  • Sound Reduction 70dB on a party wall
  • Typical sound reduction of system 30dB

If you are ordering online you can check the individual product quantities supplied with this system by clicking here. Delivery will be made on a pallet.

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