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PartyWall Soundproofing System 2

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Soundproof a wall with Wall System 2 our thinnest complete wall soundproofing kit, soundproofing for party walls and alcoves, reduce airborne sounds transferring through walls

Wall System 2 combines 25mm DFM acoustic insulation with the 18mm NSSW1+ wall soundproofing panel making the overall thickness of this solution 43mm, our thinnest complete wall soundproofing solution. Soundproof a party wall, alcoves and rooms that require sound insulation with a minimal loss of living space.

We recommend when you are increasing the noise reduction of a wall different combinations of acoustic products will result in a better level of sound insulation of the wall. The passage of sound will be blocked and absorbed by the combination of materials, different densities and acoustic absorption properties of the individual products within Wall System 2.

Wall System 2 is suitable to use to soundproof any type of wall, fix 25mm timber battens onto the existing wall at 600mm centres, infill the cavity between the battens with the acoustic insulation ensure you completely fill the area. Attach the NSSW1+ wall panels to the battens using dry wall screws or nails, seal around the edges and perimeter of the new wall with the acoustic sealant that is provided with the system.


Wall System 2 combines 25mm DFM acoustic insulation, NSSW1+ soundproofing panel and acoustic sealant. The best method for installing this system would be to attach 25mm timber battens directly to the wall at 600mm centres, seal screw heads with acoustic sealant to reduce sound transmission along the screws. Once the stud work is in place infill the cavity between the upright studs with the 25mm DFM acoustic insulation, attach the NSSW1+ panels to the battens using nails or screws; seal the edges of the panels with the acoustic sealant. For more information on installation, click here.

Product Information

  • System Thickness 43mm (includes)
    • 25mm 100kg/m³ DFM Acoustic insulation
    • NSSW1+panel
    • Acoustic sealant
  • Sound Reduction 62db on a party wall
  • Typical sound reduction of system 22dB

If you are ordering online you can check the individual product quantities supplied with this system by clicking here. Delivery will be made on a pallet.

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