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Soundproofing Materials for Walls


materials to soundproof walls

What are the best soundproofing materials for walls?

With a wide variety of soundproofing materials for walls, deciding which solution meets your needs can be challenging. In this article are some popular materials used as stand-alone soundproofing solutions or soundproof materials combined to form a complete wall soundproofing system.

Use a combination of materials to provide the highest level of soundproofing

You will reduce more noise by using a combination of materials. The materials supplied in the AcoustiClip Systems offer the very best level of noise reduction through party walls and stud walls. You will block high airborne noise levels and reduce vibration sounds by installing the AcosutiClip system on your walls. When you combine acoustic insulation with acoustic clips, hangers and soundproof panels, a high level of sound will be stopped, whether a party wall or an internal stud wall.

Best soundproofing perfomance with the AcoustiClip System

The AcoustiClip soundproof system is our premium solution for soundproofing stud and party walls. The Acousticlip system decouples the wall and increases the mass/density, reducing noise against noisy neighbours. Increase privacy in your home by insulating stud walls with the AcoustiClip system.

Slim wall soundproofing systems to minimise space loss

Use these solutions to soundproof a room without compromising living space. Minimising space loss in the room is a crucial consideration; these solutions will effectively soundproof walls and keep space loss to a minimum.

Soundproof panels for party walls and stud walls

One of the most popular methods of soundproofing walls is using direct-to-wall soundproofing panels. Block unwanted household noises from transferring between rooms and keep space loss to an absolute minimum.

Wall soundproofing materials for stud walls and party walls

Choose from various wall soundproofing materials to form a soundproof solution for a stud wall or party walls.

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