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Soundproofing Materials for Walls

Soundproofing Materials for Walls

Soundproofing Materials for Walls

A guide to sound insulation materials for walls. Improve the sound reduction of internal stud walls and brick party walls. Noisestop Systems provide a range of sound proof materials for walls including acoustic insulation, soundproof wall panels and complete acoustic wall kits. View our complete range of wall soundproofing products.

Soundproofing materials for walls will reduce airborne and impact noise through a wall. The two things to consider when it comes to sound insulating walls are how much noise can you hear and how much space can you loose? If you have a very noisy neighbour playing music at unsociable hours then you will need a high level of soundproofing, this will require a combination of acoustic materials to ensure you achieve good levels of sound insulation. This method will often require more space loss in the room than the thinner direct to wall soundproof panels which are used to sound proof walls against lower levels of sound such as conversation or TV’s.

Soundproof panels for walls

Wall soundproofing panels are a popular method of soundproofing walls against the most common household noises. You can quickly and easily increase the sound insulation between rooms by applying this type of panel straight on to your walls. Find out more information regarding soundproof panels to sound insulate your walls.

Noisestop2 Panel wall soundproofing
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Combine soundproofing materials for the best level of wall soundproofing

Combining sound proof materials will offer high levels of sound insulation between rooms. If you want to stop high levels of sound through a wall you will have to use a combination of acoustic materials. Building an acoustic wall will prevent sound through existing party walls. Soundproof internal stud walls using acoustic insulation materials. You can find out more about these solutions in these guides party wall soundproofing and stud wall soundproofing.

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Materials to sound proof your walls

If you want to create your own sound proof wall these are the best materials to use. These soundproof materials can be used for soundproofing internal stud walls or as an acoustic wall kit to soundproof a party wall. If you have a stud wall or you are putting one up always use acoustic insulation inside the stud frame. This material comes in a variety of thicknesses to suit you frame depth. Use a minimum of 60kg/m³ density, go higher if your budget allows, you will increase the sound reduction.

It  is very important you create separation in your acoustic wall. The easiest way to do this is to use Soundbreaker Bars. An acoustic hanger that fixes to the face of the stud work to reduce sound vibration through the wall.

Use soundproof panels to finish your wall. A soundproofing wall panel will normally combine a mass loaded barrier sheet to a sheet of acoustic plasterboard. This will significantly increase to sound insulation of the plasterboard.

Wall soundproofing

Some of our more popular soundproof materials are below. View our complete range of wall soundproofing materials. If you require any more help take a look at our wall soundproofing guide. Alternatively get in touch or give us a call 01423 339163.



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