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Soundproofing Installations


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Sound Proofing Wall Insulation

When everyone thinks of soundproofing a wall, they usually think of something like a music recording studio or theatre. Many people do not know that a lot of buildings today actually have some kind of soundproofing installed. Whether it's an office block or a block of flats you will most likely find some type of installation in there. Soundproofing a building can dramatically decrease the amount of noise that you hear from upstairs, outside and also reduces the buildings noise pollution itself.

The Sound Solution is a company in the UK that specialises in sound proofing wall insulation. As well as our wall insulation we also have a range of different soundproofing solutions including ceiling, floor, acoustic, foams, enclosures and we can also assist construction companies with Part E building regulations. Whether you are an individual who would like to block out the sound of your noisy neighbours or you are a construction specialist that requires something to comply with the Part E regulation then we can deliver.

All of our products are highly effective and are well known in the industry. Over the years we have worked with an array of different clients and have gained a level of knowledge that is essential for providing outstanding service. Our insulation can be installed almost anywhere and is a proven way to reduce the amount of noise inside a building. We always strive to go the extra mile for all of our customers and boast first class credentials.

If you need sound proofing wall insulation for whatever reason then please do not hesitate to give the us a call today to see how we can help you on: 08451 306 269 or 01423 339 163. All of our products are highly effective and developed to ensure that they last you a life time.

You can also get in touch with us via email for any information that you require on: info@noisestopsystems.co.uk. We strive to respond to all emails that they receive within 24 hours.

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