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How to Soundproof a Room

How to Soundproof a Room

How to soundproof a room and increase the sound insulation in your home

You’ve decided you want to soundproof a room? Noisestop Systems provide solutions to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings. Find out which product best suits your requirement to restore peace and quiet in your home. The following guide to room soundproofing will help you decide what to choose. Soundproof a room to improve sound insulation of your walls, increase the sound insulation between floors or soundproofing a ceiling.

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Soundproofing for your walls and don’t be disturbed by noisy neighbours

One of the more common enquiries we receive is ‘what should I use to soundproof a wall?’ Wall soundproofing solutions come in two categories, thin acoustic wall panels or acoustic wall kits combining soundproof materials.

Use soundproof wall panels to soundproof walls in rooms that have a limited amount of space. Sound insulate walls with this type of panel to stop mid-range noise, conversation, TV’s and radios. Reduce day to day noise from a neighbouring property using thin direct to wall panels.

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For more information on wall soundproof products, take a look at Noisestop Systems complete wall soundproofing range.

How to improve the sound insulation between floors

Improving the sound insulation between floors will depend on if you can soundproof your floor, ceiling or both. If you live in a flat, you will probably only be able to soundproof the ceiling. If you are soundproofing your home, you will have access to the floor and ceiling. Noisestop Systems provide a variety of products to increase the sound insulation between floors from above or below.

Soundproofing a floor to stop impact sound is best done from above. Laying acoustic flooring over the floor will offer the best results for the sound of footfall or furniture being moved across the floor. If you want to go further, installing acoustic floating floors offers the very best solution for soundproofing between floors.

Acoustic floor mats

Acoustic floating floors

For more information on floor soundproof products take a look at Noisestop Systems complete floor soundproofing range.

Soundproof ceilings to improve the sound insulation between floors

To ensure you get the most out of your ceiling soundproofing, increase the insulation and create separation. Ceiling voids should be insulated with acoustic insulation, DFM slabs 100mm/80kg/m³. These are a great choice for domestic ceiling soundproofing. Use Soundbreaker bars to isolate the ceiling from the joists. Choose from our range of soundproof panels to finish the ceiling.

Noisestop Systems provide acoustic ceiling kits suitable for domestic ceiling soundproofing.

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If you are looking for simpler solutions, you can use any of our acoustic panel range to increase the soundproofing of your existing ceiling.

For more information on ceiling soundproof products, take a look at Noisestop Systems complete ceiling soundproofing range.

We hope this page has helped you decide how to soundproof a room. For more help on soundproofing a room, we have further information on how to soundproof a wall, how to soundproof floors and how to soundproof ceilings.

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