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Ceiling System 2

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Ceiling soundproofing system maximise the sound insulation of your ceiling with minimal height loss.

Improve the sound insulation of domestic ceilings to stop airborne and impact noise through a ceiling. Ideally suited for use with timber ceiling constructions Ceiling System 1 (CS1) will reduce footfall noise from a floor above and the noise of TVs and conversation. The high level of soundproofing CS1 offers combined with the minimal loss of ceiling height in the room make this the ideal choice for soundproofing a room if ceilings can be removed and for new build projects and conversions.


Remove existing ceiling to expose the joists, infill the cavity with the DFM acoustic insulation, ensure the whole ceiling area is filled, fix the soundbreaker bars to the joists using screws, bars should be fixed to the joists at 300-3500mm centres when attaching them to ceilings. Final screw the NSSC1+ panel into the bars, do not screw into the joists as this can minimise the effectiveness of the soundbreaker bars. Leave a 3-5mm gap around the perimeter of the ceiling and the walls to reduce flanking noise. Use acoustic sealant around the edges of the boards and to fill the perimeter gap. CS1 is Part E compliant when combined with the acoustic mats or floating floor systems.

Product Information

  • Ceiling Height Loss Minimal (includes)
    • 100mm 80kg/m³ DFM acoustic insulation
    • Soundbreaker Bars
    • NSSC1+ panel
    • Acoustic sealant
  • Sound Reduction
    • 45dB airborne noise
    • 16dB impact noise

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