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Soundproofing Timber Joist Ceilings or Concrete Ceilings

Are you soundproofing timber joist or concrete ceilings?

Choose between timber ceiling solutions and concrete ceiling systems. Restore quiet with our range of soundproofing solutions to stop neighbour noise and increase privacy in your home.

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Soundproofing Timber Joist Ceilings

acoustic clip system for timber ceilings using the acousticlip system

Soundproofing Concrete Ceilings

concrete ceiling soundproofing solution using soundproof clips acousticlip system

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Soundproofing Ceilings FAQs

The most effective way to soundproof ceilings is to use a soundproofing system with mass, sound absorption, and isolation; the Acousticlip System is the ideal solution. The AcoustiClip system combines acoustic insulation for added mass and absorption, AcoustiClips for decoupling the new ceiling, and soundproof panels, which add more mass and absorption. This soundproof method significantly reduces airborne and impact noises that typically travel through ceilings.

Soundproof concrete ceilings using the AcoustiClip Concrete Ceiling System to reduce impact and airborne sound transfer.

The right ceiling system will reduce airborne and impact sounds from transferring through the ceiling. It is best to solve impact sound issues from the floor side if possible, but as this isn’t always possible, decoupling the new ceiling will reduce impact noise.

Soundproof ceiling solutions using the AcoustiClip System will benefit from the combination of mass and sound absorption, with the added isolation the sound clips will create. Most household noise complaints will be resolved using the AcoustiClip Timber Ceiling System on wooden joisted ceilings. The Concrete AcoustiClip System decouples the existing ceiling from the new, increasing the airborne sound insulation and reducing impact sound transfer.


The advice for insulating ceiling joists is to use 100mm of acoustic insulation. Filling the cavity between the floor above and the ceiling is unnecessary.

Acoustic insulation acts as an absorber inside the cavity, reducing the effect of sounds being amplified. Under trials we regularly carry out, there is little increase in the ceiling performance, even when you increase the insulation depth to 200mm.

Our soundproof products and soundproofing systems are finished with acoustic plasterboard. Once the soundproofing is installed, you can bring the ceiling up to decorative standards without adding additional boarding. The most common method to finish the ceilings is to have them plastered. Alternatively, you can tape and join the edges along the tapered edge of the boards before decorating. This means you don’t need a plasterer to skim your ceiling. Once brought up to a decorative standard, you can use lining paper or paint to decorate the panels.

Essential Soundproofing Rules

Achieve the very best ceiling soundproofing results by following these essential soundproofing rules. These are adding mass/density to the area, isolating or decoupling the new structure from the existing and increasing sound absorption. These rules of soundproofing apply whether you are attempting to soundproof a timber ceiling or concrete. Increasing mass makes it harder for the sound to transfer. The variety of high-mass products will block a great range of sounds. Isolating the structure will reduce sound as it vibrates through a solid structure. Increasing absorption allows the ceiling to absorb the sound energy. These soundproofing principles are built into the design and specification of our ceiling soundproofing products and systems.


Adding mass/density to an area blocks sound transfer. Using materials with different densities will reduce a greater range of frequencies.


Creating isolation or decoupling the existing structure from the new enhances sound insulation.


Increase sound absorption with materials that absorb sound waves and reduce the energy that carries the sound.

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