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Acoustic Panel Coverage

Acoustic Panel Coverage

How many acoustic panels will I need to absorb the sound in my room?

Sound absorption will be achieved if you cover a minimum of 30% of the surface area of your room. Follow these simple steps to calculate the volume of your room to find out how many panels you will need.

You will need to cover 30% of the room surface area. The formula for working this out is to multiply the volume of the room by 0.3. This will give you the total area you will need to cover with sound-absorbing panels.

The room dimensions for this example are. 10 metres long, 5 meters wide and 3 metres high.

The volume of the room is calculated by multiplying length x width x height. 10 x 5 x 3 equals 150 cubic metres.

Multiply the total cubic metres 150 x 0.3 = 45. you will need to cover 45 square metres of acoustic panel coverage.

Sound absorption panels can be applied to either the wall or ceiling. There is no right or wrong area to install acoustic panels. Assuming you can achieve the 30% coverage in your room, you can use either.

You should expect to achieve a sound reduction of approximately 40%.

Sound absorbing panels for walls

Sound absorbing panels for ceilings

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