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Stud Wall Kit 50mm

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Stud wall soundproofing kit for 50mm thick stud walls

Soundproof a stud wall using our stud wall kit to reduce airborne noise between rooms through a stud wall. Stop the sound of conversation, television and music coming through the wall. Stud walls are used to separate rooms in your home, if you require additional privacy between the rooms or don't want to be disturbed by the sound of a TV from a teenager's bedroom, increase the sound insulation of your stud wall and reduce the level of noise by soundproofing the wall with this system. If you are ordering online you can check the individual product quantities supplied with this system by clicking here.

Products Supplied

  • 50mm/80kg/m³ DFM acoustic insulation
  • Soundbreaker bars
  • NSSW1+
  • Acoustic plasterboard 1200mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm
  • Acoustic sealant


Remove the plasterboard from one side of the stud wall, preferably from the side of the wall that the noise is being generated. Infill the cavity between the studs with the 50mm DFM insulation, once the void has been completely filled attach the soundbreaker bars to the face of the stud work at 600mm centres. Screw the NSSW1+ board directly to the bars, attaching them to the wider corrugated flange of the bar. Once the first layer of boards is installed attach the layer of acoustic plasterboard over the first layer, stagger the joints between the two layers to stop sound leaking through the joins. Seal around the edges of each board with the sealant as you install the boards

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